At Trupek Software Solutions (Mathura), we create optimal tech solutions to suit your business requirements. Our products will provide you with an absolute way, either to boost or optimize your present business.

Our smart working [hard working + immensely creative] team provides you with latest innovation in the industry and delivers within set time frame.

We at TSS are a team of well qualified software professionals with a fervent desire in our young hearts to provide businesses with online presence and optimal business management solutions through the latest technological advancements.


We Understand Your Needs

TSS team considers it as their responsibility to assess the accurate needs of our clients and guide them to the most feasible solution according to their business.It is our duty to respond to your ideas with enhancements, options, suggestions and even warnings when necessary. As an organization, TSS (Mathura) is dedicated to better software development, not only we keep the track of latest technological trends but also keep track of new developments in process and products that help your business to thrive further at a fast rate.

We Work On Latest Trends

The world of technology, connecting all our devices, is rapidly changing. This leaves most of our devices out of date. To keep up with the trend, our software and websites must be up-to date.

With this in mind – Trupek Software Solutions (Mathura) Team devotes their time and resources 24X7 to provide you with the best available solutions in harmony with the latest trends of the market.

Cost Effective Solutions

While the competition tries to inflate the cost, we at TSS tend to keep it small so that it does not break your account. Our core competency lies in developing solutions for startups and small to medium sized businesses that are up against industrial bigwigs with enormous budget and highly paid people.

TSS levels the playing field by providing the same level of expertise and talent that is available to top notch companies, and within stipulated budget.


  • --Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.
  • --We at TSS have an uncompromising attitude towards quality.
  • --Our passion for constant innovation can be seen in our products.
  • --We take pride in our on-time delivery track record at TSS(Mathura).

Our Forté


Brijbhasha is a sub-dialect in hindi language which is predominantly spoken in Mathura region. We are the only software company in India which provides content options in brijbhasha. We are staunch supporters of this regional language. This strengthens Trupek Software Solution’s (Mathura) commitment to support multi linguistic online culture. This is an effort made on our part for making the people in Mathura region more welcoming towards the online platform rather than feeling intimidated.


Design is the most highlighted part of the web. It not only increases the appeal, it also optimizes the space. Since, it is highly fickle, experienced people with a greater vision are required. At TSS, we take pride in our designing team which has given us an edge in the industry. Team TSS has always created unique and trending designs for their clients.

Content Creation

The quality in content can make or break your website. We can provide the best content for your website in various languages. English content of international standard is been provided to make your website reach the international audience. Our impressive content adds to the appeal of your global brand image.


It is the most forgettable part in our industry. But since at TSS we take our work very sincerely, we provide 6 months maintenance in the form of after sales services to our clients. Here we help in making the product accustomed to your business. If needed, minor queries are also solved regarding the handling of the product. This makes our customers happy and our satisfaction resides in your happiness.


Shakti Nagar Corner,
Maholi Road
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